The Thin Yellow Line

On October 9th my mother had an appointment with her oncologist.  It is a three hour drive from my mothers to the doctors office.  My sister in law and I went with her.  Her appointment was for 1:30, the ladies wanted to do some shopping in the city so we planned to leave at 7:00.  I had two cups of coffee and we left at 7:20 (not bad).  After about one hour of driving we stopped at Tim Horton’s.  Tim Horton’s is a Canadian shrine where most Canadians stop to give money whenever they drive near one and in exchange we get a cup of coffee.

An hour later I had to pee.  In the maritime provinces in Canada there are no rest area on the highways.  Everything reminded me that I had to go to the washroom.  The yellow median line, yellow turn signals on vehicles, yellow school buses.  I stopped at a Tim Horton’s the use the facilities.  It felt good.  I did not get another cup of coffee, I still had a 45 minute drive to get to the city.

Everything went well at my mothers appointment.  We bought my mothers birthday present, she bought mine.  We had Chinese for dinner.  I bought a few books.  Before the trek back I got a coffee at Starbucks, I only had ten dollars on me see we shared it!  The drive home was uneventful.