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  • Normand Bissonnette 8:37 pm on May 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Meet The New iPod 

    ipodI have just received my new iPod.  A gigantic iPod Classic 160Gb.  I’ll enough space to put 60 days of continuous music!  I intend to use it to its fullest capability.  It is charging as I am writing this. I’ll let it fully charge for 4 hours before I put entertainment on it.  I can’t wait to try it out.  What will be the first thing I listen on it?  I haven’t decided yet.  It is going to take me a little while to get all the music I want on the ‘Pod.  I think I’ll enjoy it deciding what goes in and uploading to the iPod.  I will enjoy listenning to the music.

    On another note I haven’t written about television shows in a long time because everything on is crap!  Except for The final season of Battlestar Galactica.  This has to be the best thing on television right now.  I want to see what happens in the end but i am disappointed once it is done I won’t be able to watch this top quality show.  The good thing is that the show did not have time to get stale.  I have also enjoyed this seasons Lost.

    Well that is it for this post.

    p.s. I felt a bit lazy so I used the same photo as the last post.

  • Normand Bissonnette 8:25 am on May 17, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Say Goodbye To The iPod 

    ipodsYesterday I sold my iPod and ordered myself a 160GB iPod Classic.  I should be getting it by next weekend.  The only store that had some in stock wanted 50 dollars more than the going rate.  So I did the only sane thing I searched a few internet store and ordered it.  If the price difference would have only been 10 dollars maybe even $20 I probably would have gotten it locally but $50 is a bit too much of a difference. You can’t blame them they probably got them in stock before the price went down and they paid more for it, but you can’t blame me for wanting to save money.  I decided to upgrade to 160GB because I want to use it as a hard drive and a music player.

    I did not erase the music on the old iPod before I sold it, does this mean that I could be considered a music Pirate?  I think think that in Canada I’m alright but if I was in the US I could be brought to court by the RIAA.  I think some laws are plain old stupid.  Maybe one day we will see people being arrested for singing a lot with the music they listen to on their iPod because they are broadcasting copyrighted material with paying a royalty fee!

  • Normand Bissonnette 1:36 pm on May 8, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Writing And Pooping: So Many Things In Common. 

    writeWriters block is just like constipation, the only thing that comes out is hot air but nothing with real substance. Too bad there isn’t a suppository that would help with the writing process. Try as I might, if my life depended on it, I can’t think of anything to write about. I will still try my hardest and maybe something will come out.

    I have read someplace that the only thing to do with writers block is to write about something you know. Right now I know about writers block, and truth to be told, not about constipation.

    Writing has many things in common with having a poop, for example; sometimes it comes out runny and people will say that it smells. You may try for hours on end and the only thing that comes out is not even worth mentioning. Sometimes something hits you and want to write/poop but there is not paper around, don’t you hate that? Some essays are like diarrhea: they are never ending and watered down.

    Writers block is just like constipation, when you finally get relief, it feels good but what comes out is pure shit! I’ll end it here with this final though: once everything is done all that is left are markings on paper!

    Note to self: don’t EVER do a Google image search for shit, disgusting!

  • Normand Bissonnette 10:52 am on May 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Can I Have a Straw, Please? 

    I don’t eat fast food very often. A few days ago I went to Burger King. I got a double stacker meal deal. It gave me heartburn. I went through the drive thru and there was a car line up. People were placing their orders and they would then park to the right and wait for their meals be brought to them. My turn came and after I paid the manager gave me my drink and asked me to move up and park to the right and it should not be too long.BURGER

    I parked the car, shut it off and listen to the radio until I got my meal. While I was waiting I wanted to take a drink of my pop but I did not get a straw. I realised then that the few times I went through the drive thru I received a drink but no straw. Have you ever tried getting the plastic lid off of the paper cups? It is fairly easy to do but the cups are filled to the rim and when you take off the lid you will spill some of its contents on yourself and if you are in an automobile you will spill some all over the car. I did not take a drink. I waited patiently for my meal.

    I think that if they give you the drink they should also give you the straw. You’ll have something to drink while waiting for your meal. In a restaurant they serve you water before you get your meal. If you order an alcoholic breverage you get it before your meal. If you order a soda pop you also get it before your meal and they give you a straw if you want one or not. So why does the Burger King in my home town not do the same. Is it because I drive a nicer car than them? I don’t know. Maybe it is because we don’t tip them when we get our meal brought to the car. Maybe it is because they don’t care since we have already paid for our meal. Fast foods joints are the only “restaurant” where we pay before we get our meal, did you notice that? Well that is a whole other blog post.

    • kebumen 11:07 am on May 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      did you everseen a monkey playing guitar on saturnus? It was realy hapened

    • Suitcase 10:17 pm on June 18, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

      cheers, Suitcase.

    • Tabbie 9:09 am on July 5, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I never get napkins either.

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