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  • Normand Bissonnette 8:02 am on April 25, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Depressing Weekend 

    Last weekend I went to visit my mom. I got there saturday evening after work ate supper and everything went downhill from there. As I mentioned in two previous posts (here & here), there has been a record amount of snowfall this year. It is now spring and the snow and ice is melting and it all went into my mothers septic tank. It was overflowing. We had to do something. The sump pump was not working. We borrowed one from the next door neighborand my brother and I pumped out the extra water from the tank.

    Sunday afternoon there was a charity bingo and spaghetti supper organised by my brother, so we went and nothing was won and the spaghetti wnot my dog anymoreould have been better with more salt and pepper. When we got back to my moms place we found out that my uncle Jean-Marie was in the hospital. The doctors say that he has cancer.

    Monday my mother decided that she wants to get rid of the dog, my dog.  So my weekend pretty much sucked how was yours? Yesterday we got confirmation that my uncle does have cancer and my mother gave away the dog, my dog! What can I do? Life is a bitch. To top it off it was snowing today.

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    Networks Believe We Are Stupid 

    Whilst watching the Australian true crime television show, Underbelly, one scene made me realize that American police shows lack any realism. csiAll three CSI’s are shows about crime scene investigators, hence the acronym CSI, that contaminate the crime scene while they are investigating. They wear their street clothes when they are looking for clues at the crime scene. In Underbelly there are some “CSIers” at a murder scene and they are wearing head to toe coveralls and masks, shoe covers and gloves. You know that they will not contaminate that crime scene. The British and Canadians have also head to feet covered “CSIers” in some of their shows.

    Another thing that is totally way off is that the scientists, in real life that is what a CSI is, interview the suspects and they make arrest. No need for cops, just CSIs. What next, will they also be judges? Whatever is needed so that the show is fast paced, and somewhat entertaining.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate CSI but I am sort off getting sick of turning off part of my brain so that I can waste an hour to watch these shows. I should maybe start being more selective with my entertainment choices.

    I do think that I am more selective in what I watch, I had started watching New Amsterdam but after I watched four shows in which I figured out who did it in less than ten minutes, I decided to stop watching it because if I continued I would have to get a lobotomy to make it interesting. Is it me or if a show or a movie is complicated or there is no fairy tale ending can be more fulfilling? Maybe I should just shut up and watch Transformers or Spiderman 3.

  • Normand Bissonnette 8:42 pm on April 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    A Review Of A Review Show 

    At work today I saw a show that made me think: there is something wrong here. This show is called The Ultimate Trailer Show. It is on HDNet, a high definition cable network. The show consists of a movie critic, Robert Wilonsky, reviewing movie trailers, yes you have read that hdnetright he does not review the movie only the movie trailer! What the Hell…? That is the kind of job for people with a very short attention span. Just imagine… “I found this trailer too long it lost me about half way through, they could have cut it down from 2 minutes to 90 seconds and it would have been perfect.”

    There is something wrong with this show and the person who had the idea for it. A trailer is designed to get you in the theater. A bad trailer is a trailer in which the movie tanks the first week of release. A fantastic trailer is when the movie opens at number 1 in the box office and the following week it is not even in the top ten, because it was one of the worst movies ever made. I think that we can tell when a trailer is good or bad, we don’t need a critic to tell us.

    We could create a lot new jobs for unemployed critics using this format. Just imagine a book critic that only reads the dust cover and then reviews it. A music critic that listens to the first 10 seconds of a song or even a food critic that reviews only menus. An automobile critic that reviews car keys. The list can go on and on and on. We could go a step further and get writer that only writes chapter titles. A computer programmer that only turns on computers. A wine taster that only uncorks the bottle. Another list that could go on and on and on. I’ll end it here for today because as you know I could go on and on and on… ad finem nauseum.

    p.s. I almost forgot a comedian that only tells the punch line. A waitress/waiter that only takes orders. A pilot that only taxies the plane. I’ll really end it now.

  • Normand Bissonnette 3:07 pm on April 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Spammers Have Low Esteem Of You 

    spamYesterday I was going through my email and unfortunately a some spam was not “caught” by gmail. I was getting rid of these messages when I accidentally reported a bona fide email as spam. I then had to go through the spam folder to find this message. The total of spam I had was 988! Well actually it was 987 since I knew of one good email in that folder. I decided to go through all this spam to see if any other good message was redirected there by accident.

    After a few minutes of reading the subject line of quite a few spam messages, I realized that apparently there is three things that I can’t live without according to the spammers. The first is, of course, porn. All types of porn. They are advertising porn for every tastes, or should I say bad taste? (I am not sure at this point). The second item I cannot live without according to the spammers goes hand in hand with porn, it is Viagra. Well of course if you look at porn and are a man you have to have an erection therefore the obvious solution is Viagra. If this does not work I have a few spam recommending Cialis for rock bottom prices! How can I refuse an offer like that?

    Spammers have their finger on the pulse of what I need since the third most received spam in my junk mail folder was Microsoft Office 2007 OEM. Well of course! How could I not see this before? When I am done using Viagra or Cialis which goes hand and hand with all the porn I need to see I have to write about it, make a list of what I have seen, and email Powerpoint presentations of all my internet porn sites and what the results are of using Viagra/Cialis! How could I have been so blind for so long? Now that the spammers have opened my eyes, I have decided to join their ranks to spread the good news.

    I think the most annoying spam messages for me are the Microsoft ones. The porn industry have always been after money anyway they can get it. In the last decade or so we have seen pharmaceutical company are just as bad, or even worst than the porn industry, the are now creating medicines for non-existing diseases. I have said it before and I’ll repeat it: Microsoft is plain old evil. They want to control everything in the computer world. They are trying to take over the portable mp3 world with Zune, they are trying to control the game console by taking on Sony (another evil entity). They have always believed that they can dictate what we can put in our computers and if they see some other Operating System taking more market share from them they threaten them with law suits. I’ll stop now before they sue me.

    Thank goodness for spam filters. I have a few email addresses and I used to have one just for subscribing to forums or just every site that asks you for an email address to read an article, because they will sell this address to spammers. I haven’t been using this address since I moved to gmail as my email client of choice. I will dust off my old Hotmail account (leave the spam to Microsoft) and start using it again just for this purpose. I recommend you do the same.

    p.s. Are you glad that I did not go down the low road and say that porn and Viagra/Cialis go penis and hand together? I did not even mention that after taking Viagra/Cialis Microsoft becomes Macrohard.

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