$700 Billion Dollars Boondoggle 

With this weeks 700 billion dollars allocation to “save” the American, no the world’s financial system, I have seen that the American government is only there to protect the interest of big business.  It used to be that if an American couple/individual cannot make their mortgage payment, the bank would foreclose and the couple lose the house.  The bank would sell the house.  Now with this new bill if a lot of couples/individuals don’t make their mortgage payments and the bank forecloses; the bank cannot sell the houses, because of the recession (yes there is a recession), and if the bank can’t pay off their dept, then the government saves the bank by buying the houses from the bank, thus the bank can continue to make bad loans but the couples/individuals are shit out of luck.

This law will protect the billion dollar company but not the poor people that lose everything.  A lot of the loans made by the American institutions should not have been made.  The couples/individuals that have all their credit cards maxed out and are only making the minimum payments should not have received a loan, they will pay by losing everything they have.  The bank official that made the decision for this loan will still have a job.  The government are rewarding the people that made the bad decisions.

We must understand that if the government had not passed this law, stock brokers would have panicked and we would have had the biggest stock market crash ever.  It is a damn if you do, damn if you don’t decision.  Maybe the government should rent the houses to the couples/individuals that lost them in the first place, this would only be fair and everybody would win except the tax payers (in other words every Americans).