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  • Normand Bissonnette 8:17 pm on November 27, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Bourne Identity Revisited 

    Why haven’t I posted the last week?  I have been working on my laptop the last week.  All my adventures are posted on the Adventures in Computing blog.  I have been watching Seinfeld on my iPod, I also have been watching X-Files and I have placed a few episodes of Arrested Development on the ‘Pod.

    I finished Bourne Identity and I am glad that I was wrong with my first opinion of this book.  When I read it over fifteen years ago I had disliked it but this time around I really enjoyed it.  I will be watching the movie again just to compare it.  From what I remember, there is over 75% missing from the book.  To make the movie they had to gut the story.

    Well I guess this is it for this short post.  The next one will be more entertaining, I promise.

  • Normand Bissonnette 9:19 pm on November 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Impressions On The Shorten Television Season 

    If you have read the last two post of this blog and the last post on Adventures in Computing, you have read about the reasons for the lack of post on this blog. Well I have to tell you that my iPod is back on track and it actually has more music on it than it ever had. In a few minutes it’ll also have the first five episodes of Seinfeld,seinfeld I am getting ready for the lack of new television show once the networks run out of shows.

    Theoretical I now should have more time to write interesting, captivating, entertaining and intelligent post… or maybe just silly ones. I like the silly one because I can’t stop giggling when I write them. I am giggling like a teenage girl at the moment, not very professional of me, right? Oh yeah I’m not paid to write these so I am not a professional I am only an amateur at the writing game. I guess I don’t have to tell you that you can see that for yourself.

    I have to get back on track with this post. Maybe it is a good thing this WGA strike. The season had no amazing new shows. Right now my favourite show is Brotherhood on Showtime in the states and TMN in Canada. It is very good. Weeds as gotten better as the season is drawing to a close (last episode is this coming Monday). Heroes was pretty crappy this season. Dexter is still a good show and this one also is getting better as the season is going along. Journeyman is alright but if I miss a show I wouldn’t mind not seeing it. Chuck is good old stop using your brain entertainment. Reaper is so damn familiar to the afore mentioned Chuck that some time I forget which show I am watching. The three CSI are the same stale shows I am still watching them hoping that I’ll get the same enjoyment I had when the first one started.

    House on Fox I still watch and still enjoy but I always wonder if I’ll ever get tired of the all knowing and grumpy doctor. I am surprised with The Unit this year. Is it better or are my standards getting lower? I really like Pushing Daisies, it is quirky and it make me smile, and we all need to smile sometime. Criminal Mind is mindless, all the shows are the same. I am still giving it a chance but my Patience is running thin. I like Bionic Woman, Who doesn’t like good looking women that can kick your ass? Dirty Sexy Money is a good show also, is it a soap or is it poking fun at soaps? I hope it is the latter. Life is alright, I feel the same about this show as with Journeyman.

    Survivor the originator of the “reality” series is the same as always. Their motto should be lie, cheat do anything to get the prize. I still like The Office which I believe as run out of new show. My Name Is Earl is very enjoyable. 30 Rock I like. I still watch Numb3rs and Las Vegas but these shows are crappy. The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad are not for everybody but I still enjoy these animated shows.

    Those are basically the shows I watch and my feelings on them. Most shows will end by December and it will be a while before we see new episodes even if the WGA strike is settled quickly. It takes a while to tape new shows.

    I guess that is it for now, I hope you have enjoyed this post.

  • Normand Bissonnette 9:23 pm on November 14, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Phosphate Not Grease 

    I have been sidetracked from blogging the last few weeks, I have to get back on track. What have I been doing with myself that I haven’t been writing? Most of my free time, what little I have, have been invested in my iPod. You can read here what happen to the pod.

    Yesterday my mother called me and said that she was still having problems with the septic tank, damn, damn, damn, and I’ll repeat: damn! I went and opened up the septic tank and pumped out excess “water”. You know from my last post that I mentioned that what was clogging the pipe was grease. Well it was apparently not grease, it was phosphate from laundry soap. The substance was too hard for it to be grease. It was hard as cement. The gentlemen that installed the septic tank says that the weeping bed is probably clogged with this phosphate cement and the tank is not draining at all. I agree with him. So today I spent it finding a way to drain the tank. I am almost finished I have to figure a way to insulate for the winter.

    On Sunday I installed a parabolic antenna for my mother. I enjoyed doing this. For all of you out there choose this route over cable you will get a better picture and more choices. I guess I’ll call it a day I am pooped from working in poop most of the day.

  • Normand Bissonnette 9:10 am on November 6, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    When the Shit Hits the Fan Part 2 

    It’s been over a week since I posted anything on this blog. I have been thinking of posting something but I did not have anything to say. Well today I’ll tell you what I did yesterday. I was off yesterday and I was at my mothers. After making 100 pizza rolls I went to the washroom and when I flushed the toilet it didn’t, the water kept rising in the bowl and was not going away. Thank God I did a number 1 and not a number 2.

    The first thing I did was to try the plunger, nothing happening. On Sunday we were hit by the post tropical storm Noel and we got a whole bunch of rain. In the past we had troubles with the sceptic tank being full of water and in this case that is what I though was the problem. I dug up the access panel of the tank and opened it. The tank was full of water, my mother had the tank emptied the week before. I got the sump pump to get rid of some of the water and low and behold the pump was smoking and not pumping anything. We went and got another pump. After a few minute pumping the water level was down enough to flush the toilet. I was still clogged, damn.

    My mothers plunger was a piece of crap, and after opening the sceptic tank I know what crap is! So we returned to the hardware store and got a new plunger and a thing that shoots a gas in the pipes to unclog them. I plunged again, nothing. I tried the gas thing, the water in the toilet went down, but it went up in the tub and shower, son of a bitch. I was so pissed off, I had alot of other stuff to do around the house, I didn’t need this.

    I called a plumber, they say that they are really busy maybe tomorrow but they will try to send someone today. I did not want to wait so I go to a rental place and rent a snake, to try to unclog the pipe myself. When I got home the plumber was there. I am happy I don’t have to do this shitty job myself.

    I takes the plumber about an hour to unclog the pipe which was clogged with grease, you read that correctly grease. Apparently after a while grease can accumulate in the pipe to clog it. I already knew this since this had already happened once before. I hope that it doesn’t happen again.

    The moral of this story is: when you think you are knee deep in shit, just remember it could be worst, you could be knee deep in grease.

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