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  • Normand Bissonnette 9:07 am on November 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    No Name No Recent Posts No Maintenance Blog 

    This blog should be renamed to “No Name No Recent Posts No Maintenance Blog”.  I’ve been neglecting my duty as a blogger as of late.  Yesterday I updated the now reading, recently read and listening too quick links on the right of the screen.  I also  posted the same blog as my other blog “The Adventures of Computing” because I needed to post something.

    Today I have to reaffirm my commitment to post on this blog.  I will post something at least once a week, hence this very boring post.  I’ll attempt to liven things up now.  How many bloggers does it take to screw in a light bulb?  428, one to change the light bulb, 12 to write “how-to’s”, 15 to write reviews, three to write wikis, two to write a play by plays, six to write jokes about changing light bulbs, 25 to write about how they would have done it, 363 writing that changing that light bulb will cause global warming, and one saying that light bulb users are losers and then rant and rave about how candles are much better than light bulbs.

    • spurius 9:34 am on November 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Instead of 428 bloggers to change light bulbs there should be 506, I forgot the five writers explaining that the light bulb proves there is a God, five bloggers writing that light bulbs proves there is no God and 68 bloggers explaining that changing light bulbs was a hoax. I won’t count the bloggers that leave comments on all the blogs since that number will bring it up in the thousands.

    • Davis 10:03 am on November 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Minimalism is great, but it can be taken too far.

    • spurius 10:28 am on November 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I also forgot the 6 bloggers posting pictures of the light bulb being changed and the 3 bloggers posting videos, so that brings the count up to 515.

    • spurius 10:31 am on November 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I forgot the bloggers posting either videos or pictures of scantly clad or naked people changing light bulbs. this would bring the bloggers count up to 948.

    • spurius 10:32 am on November 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Davis,

      my blog might be considered minimalist but my comments are grandiose!

  • Normand Bissonnette 1:45 pm on November 25, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Banshee 1.4 And iPods Are Like Mixing Oil And Water: It Does Not Work! 

    I’m not a happy camper as I am writing this.  I simply wanted to add some music to my iPod.  Gtkpod froze and my computer was heating up.  Must be a bug.  Rhythymbox works but I decide to try Banshee 1.4, Bad idea!  I am able to load new music fine.  I unplug the iPod after it says that I can disconnect it.  No music on the ‘pod.  What is going on?  Plug the iPod and I can see the music so I disconnect it once more and still no music.  I restart the ‘pod by pressing the “Menu” and “Select” buttons simultaneously.  The iPod restarts, still no music.  I am pissed off!

    I connect the iPod back to the computer and  I “Drag’N’Drop” the songs, all 11016 of them, on my laptop.  I don’t feel like pulling out all my CDs and ripping them again so that I can place them in the ‘pod.  I boot Windows XP from the only computer that I own which still has Windows on it and do a factory reset on the iPod using iTunes.

    I spend several hours, over several days loading up my iPod with music.  I used Rhythymbox Music Player to load the music in the ‘Pod.  I have to mention that this post has been written in three steps:  the first paragraph was written when my iPod “lost” all of it’s songs two weeks ago.  The second paragraph and the first sentence of the third paragraph was written a week later.  The rest was written today the day I published the post.

    I now know that Banshee 1.4 is the culprit in losing all the songs.  I taught that maybe gtkpod was since it had frozen and I had to terminate it because my computer was overheating.  It took all my courage to try uploading songs in my iPod using Banshee and it worked but when I eject the ‘Pod it says that I have “0 songs”.  I know for a fact that I have 11037 on it since I just loaded 21 songs using Banshee 1.4.  Damn, damn, damn.  I plugin the iPod to my laptop.  I launch Rhythymbox.  I see all 11037 songs.  I play one of the songs I just uploaded using Banshee.  It plays fine.  I unplug the iPod and low and behold all my songs are there.  I am so glad, that I am glad, that I’m glad; to quote Cream.  I must dig out their CD and add that song to my iPod.  So I have learned that I cannot use Banshee as my all purpose music player/iPod loader.  I must keep on using Rhythymbox.

    I really liked Banshee 1.4 but I cannot use it because of this problem.  If you do not have an iPod I whole heartily recommend it, but if you do I cannot recommend it. Apparently I am the only person that has this problem since I cannot find anybody else on the web with the same problem.  I wonder if it is because I have the 64 bit version of intrepid installed?

    If you know of a solution please leave a comment, thanks.

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