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  • Normand Bissonnette 2:48 pm on July 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Keeping You Up To Date 

    Last Wednesday I brought my mother home from the hospital, for the details why she was in the hospital see this post.  I stayed with her until yesterday, Saturday, when I decided to go to my apartment to fix my laptop (see here for details).  It is now Sunday afternoon and I am getting ready to return to my mothers to relax as much I can before my vacations are over.

    I am supposed to go sailing with my brother next week, I hope the weather cooperates with our plans.  If it does I’ll try to post some pictures of our trek.  I’ll also try to post more of my own photos on the blog, like this one which is some of the view at my mothers place on the river.

    Now you know why I go there to relax.  See you next time.

  • Normand Bissonnette 9:40 pm on July 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    My Mothers Colon Problem 

    Thursday evening my mother called complaining of a stomach ache.  She asked me what side her appendix was, I asked which side did she have a pain.  Right side.  I told her to go to the  emergency ward at the hospital, she said that she would try to tough it out.

    The following morning my brother called me and told me my mother was to be transferred from a small town hospital to the big regional hospital.  They thought it was her appendix.  My brother brought her to the hospital on thursday because she could not get rid of the pain.

    When I got to the hospital my mother had already spoken with the surgeon and they would be operating her that very same day.  The surgeon was not sure it was the appendix, she had told my mother that it might be an infection or maybe even cancer.  We found this news out on the anniversary of my father’s passing.  I was starting my vacation on saturday.

    They did the surgery friday evening and it wasn’t cancer or the appendix, it was part of her colon was “dead” as the Surgeon told us.  They removed the “dead” part of the colon tuck the colon back in and now my mom is almost like new.  She now has a semi colon!

    My vacation now entails frequent visits to the hospital, I guess that is life.   Next week My brother and I are supposed to go sailing.  I hope the weather is agreeable.

  • Normand Bissonnette 7:39 am on July 18, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Sad Anniversary 

    Today marks one year since my fathers passing.  The past month I have been in a down mood, I think that this sad anniversary is the cause.  There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t taught of him.  We all miss you.

  • Normand Bissonnette 7:55 am on July 16, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Computer Is Cured 

    I got to work yesterday I verified the infected computer mentioned in this post, nod32 had found two virus’ that avast had said it deleted.  I restarted the computer and scanned it again.  When this scan was over there was no infection found!  I have learned a big lesson today:  Avast anti-virus is bad, nod32 is good.  You must have heard the saying “it is always better to prevent than to cure”  do like me get rid of virus magnet Windows and install a Linux Operating System or Get an iMac if you give either one of these a chance you’ll never miss scanning your computer for virus’, adware and spyware, no de-fragmentation and get more time in using your computer.

  • Normand Bissonnette 8:20 am on July 15, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Computer Catches A Cold 

    At work yesterday one of the computers was infected by a virus and being the computer genius nerd that I am I had to fix it.  I scan the computer and deleted every instance of a virus, trojan and worms I could find using Avast anti virus.  I restarted the computer and started to scan it again, still full of virus’.  I the did a boot up scan same virus’.  I now hate Avast.

    The simplest fix I could find for not getting warnings because the computer is attacked by a virus is to uninstall the anti-virus and then and only then you won’t have any warnings!  I did exactly that, and for about five minutes I had no warnings.  I then installed the trial version of nod42 anti-virus and started a scan.  When I left work it had found two virus that I had supposedly deleted using avast.  The scan was not completed so this morning the first thing I do is see if it found more and if nod32 actually deleted the virus’.  I’ll let you know what happened later on.

  • Normand Bissonnette 2:57 pm on July 13, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    House Cleaning and RIP George Carlin 

    I have been delinquent when it come to keeping my side panel up to date on this blog.  So today I have updated it.  It has taken a bit of time but it needed it.  I will keep it up from now on.  I might even expand it with movies I have recently seen or even television shows, I’ll see how it goes.

    As everyone must no by now George Carlin has passed away and he was one of my favorite comedians of all time because of the way he used words.  He was a wordsmith if there ever was one.  I have mentioned a few posts back that I got XM satellite radio, and for the past two weeks I am glad because I got to hear some of Carlin’s gems all over again.

    I’ll end this post with a few George Carlin’s bits:

    There are a few expressions I believe we take for granted.  Legally drunk. Well, if it’s legal, what’s the problem? “Leave me alone, officer, I’m legally drunk!”

    The greatest thing since sliced bread. So this is it? A couple thousand years…sliced bread? What about the Pyramids? The Panama Canal? The Great Wall of China? Even a lava lamp, to me, is greater than sliced bread. What’s so great about sliced bread? You got a knife, you got a load of bread. Slice the fuckin’ thing!! And get on with your life.

    In your own words. Do you have your own words? Personally, I’m using the ones that everyone else has been using. Next time they tell you to say something in your own words, say, “Nigflot blorny quando floon.”

    p.s. I owe all of you two posts now since I did not publish one last week.  I try to catch up this week.

  • Normand Bissonnette 7:32 am on July 5, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Nobody Will Read This, I Don’t Mind 

    In the summer time I’ve noticed that the readership of my blogs practically disappears.  I guess you all have better things to do than read a blog with no name.  This frees me to write even more about nothing and I don’t even have to be entertaining since nobody of importance will read this, not that you are not important.  Every reader is important to a blog since a blog with no readers is not really a blog, it is notes to oneself.

    This was supposed to be humouristic post but I guess I failed.  It is humourless,  without humour.  Well maybe not.  Maybe I have been laughing the whole I have been writing this.  I have, you know.  I have a warped sense of humour, for example I think that the funniest movie of 2007 was No Country For Old Men, it is hilarious, the book is a hoot too. For those of you that did not like this movie watch it again and don’t take it seriously watch it as a comedy and you’ll see what I mean.

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