Thanks Giving Turkey, Charred style

Thanks Giving in Canada is held in October, not in November like the US Thanksgiving.  This year Thanks Giving was on Monday October the 13th.  To celebrate this years Thanks Giving I finally decided to deep fry a turkey.  I learned a lot this the first time I attempted this culinary delight.  The first thing I learned was to get a fresh turkey or at least a completely thawed out turkey.  I used a frozen one, mistake number one.  I placed the frozen turkey in a pot and added water, coarse salt and brown sugar.  I let the turkey thaw while it was soaking up the brine.  My second mistake was to let the turkey in the brine in a pot instead of a plastic cooler.  I did not add enough water to the brine.

The next day when it was time to fry the turkey I followed the recipe and heated the oil to 250 degrees and lowered the turkey in the hot oil and waited for the oil to heat up to 350 degrees.  The oil was very close to the top and I was worried, no scarred shit less, that the oil would overflow and I would have a fire on my hands, I drank a few beers to calm my nerves.  I did not crank the heat up so it took about 35 minutes for the oil to get to 350 degrees.  I let the bird cook for about 45 minutes before taking it out of the oil.  My brother pulled it out of the pot, when I saw the turkey I said “Fuck, fuck, we’ll eat at the restaurant.”

The turkey was black as night, black like a sheet of carbon paper, black like charcoal,  you get the picture it was BLACK.  We brought it in the house and I peeled a bit of the charred skin and the meat was white.  I tasted it and it was a bit salty but eatable.  It was very good I must say.  We must not judge a book by its cover.  This Christmas I will attempt to deep fry a turkey again, this time I will not make the same mistake.