Holidays Almost Here and New Years Resolutions

Only five beddy byes before Christmas. Have you finished your shopping yet? I did earlier this week. I hate shopping when the stores are packed. The lines are full. Most people are in a bad mood, me included. People are complaining about the weather. What the …? We should all be in a cheery mood, Christmas is almost here. We get to spend it with our loved ones if we are lucky. We get to eat good comfort food. We get to drink as much as our heart desires. We also will be getting presents. What is there to complain about? I guess that there is allot to complain about but we should put it on the back burner for next two weeks and celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the like. For all the atheists out there happy new year.

For some the holidays is a time for reflecting on the past year and making new year’s resolution. I usually don’t make resolutions since most of the time I keep them for a little while and then I fall to old habits. Most people do the same. This coming year I will be keeping a resolution. I am keeping this resolution to myself, for now. I might write about it at a later time, strike that last statement, I will be writing about it at a later time. I know this is a bit cryptic but I don’t people to ask me if I am keeping my resolution.

On a side note we had our Christmas staff party last week, we had all had fun. I drank allot but I did not make an ass of myself nobody did. This year as well as the last instead of exchanging gifts we donated $1000 to a few unfortunate families in our region.