Caution All-Season Tires Are Not To Be Used In Slush, Snow Or/And On Ice

All season tires are useless for us who lives in the northern climes. I think that all season tires are designed for places like Florida or California, places that do not have real winters. Why do tire companies insist on selling all season tires.  If they would call them what they are, summer tires, they would increase their sales because at the beginning of winter they would sell more winter tires.  I am also sure that there would be a lot less accidents since good winter tires are designed to have better grip on ice and in snow.  All season tires are designed  to be sold to people that cannot afford two sets of tires or are to cheap to buy tw0 sets of tires.

I have driven in the winter with both types of tires.  I am used to drive in snow and I will tell anyone who cares to listen all season tires are crap for winter.  I drove my car the last part of last winter on all season tires and had a hard time driving in 3 inches of snow. So this winter I got winter tires. I got the least expensive one I could find. I compared a few types and the ones I got have an aggressive thread even though they were inexpensive.

I couldn’t wait until we got another snow storm, we already had a winter storm this year and a lot of us were caught unprepared. Two days ago we got what some people would call a storm, it was a mixture of snow, freezing rain and rain. I got to try my tires. I was surprised that my car was spinning in about a foot of snow, I had to “rock” the car by shifting from forward to reverse to be able to get some movement from my car. I was disappointed with my tires.  I then realised that I still had my hand brakes on.  By releasing the brakes my car moved through the snow with ease.  I am very happy with my tires. If I had my “all season” tires I still would be stuck today.

Another must have is heated mirrors. My last car, an Chev Optra 5, had them and I swore to myself that I would also get them in my next car.  My Cobalt LS does not have them, it has a sunroof but no heated mirrors. It has XMRadio but no heated mirrors.  It has air conditioning but does not have heated mirrors.  I should have gotten the heated mirrors. I cannot see in my side mirrors because there is half an inch of ice on them.  I decided not to scrape them after the freezing rain we got the other day because I would have to set them back and everywhere I looked they forcasted 9 degrees Celsius.  Ice melts at 0 degrees. The temperature went up to 3 or 4 degrees but the ice is still on the mirrors. I should have gotten the heated mirrors.  I guess I’ll have to wait until I get a new car.