The Lack Of Coffee Filters Causes Memory Lost

Don’t you hate it when you go to a store for a specific item and when you get back home you bought a whole bunch of stuff but not what you went there for?  This has been happening to me the last few weeks.  I ran out of coffee filter about two weeks ago and every time I went to a store that sells coffee filters I kept on forgetting to get the filters.

One day last week I went to the supermarket, I had made a small shopping list with about five item that I had to get.  Of course the first thing I wrote on the list was coffee filters.  When I got to the store the firt place I go is the isle where the filters are when I get there I think to myself I don’t need coffee why am I here?  I got home, no coffee filters!  What an idiot!

I know that most of us get forgetful some times, but two straight weeks?   This must be a record of some kind, maybe I should contact Guinness?  Maybe they’ll have an entry for forgetfulness with my name in bold letters.  I would be invited to talk shows everywhere to talk about how I prepared for my attempt for the record.  Everybody would want to hang out with me, be my friends.  All the money I would make with my lecturing tours.  Imagine all the women that would want to have my babies.  Goodness gracious wouldn’t that be the life?

Thank God for paper towels,  I have been using them as filters these last two weeks.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.  Yesterday I had to go to the supermarket, I am proud to say that this time I did not forget the filters but the top item on my list this time around was paper towels.   I have to admit that I forgot to get the paper towels, will I beat my record?  Only time will tell.