No Name No Recent Posts No Maintenance Blog

This blog should be renamed to “No Name No Recent Posts No Maintenance Blog”.  I’ve been neglecting my duty as a blogger as of late.  Yesterday I updated the now reading, recently read and listening too quick links on the right of the screen.  I also  posted the same blog as my other blog “The Adventures of Computing” because I needed to post something.

Today I have to reaffirm my commitment to post on this blog.  I will post something at least once a week, hence this very boring post.  I’ll attempt to liven things up now.  How many bloggers does it take to screw in a light bulb?  428, one to change the light bulb, 12 to write “how-to’s”, 15 to write reviews, three to write wikis, two to write a play by plays, six to write jokes about changing light bulbs, 25 to write about how they would have done it, 363 writing that changing that light bulb will cause global warming, and one saying that light bulb users are losers and then rant and rave about how candles are much better than light bulbs.