Second Surgery For My Mother

A month and a half ago I told you about my mothers colon surgery, well last week she had to get the same thing again.  Apparently where her large intestine starts there not enough oxygen so her colon “dies”.  The surgeon is not sure what causes this.  This time around cancer was not mentioned but crohn’s disease was.  There is also a chance that it is her blood that is coagulating at her large intestine.  They are waiting for the results.

I have to say that she looks a lot better than she did the first time around.  Everything is looking good the doctor wants to keep her at the hospital for another two to five days.  She is in a better shape than she was when the let her go the last time.  I think the doctor wants the test results before she is sent home.

Here in Canada we have medicare for every citizen which means that pretty much all medical expenses are covered by the Canadian and provincial governments.  On Thursday my mom threw up on her self and we buzzed the nurse and it took five minutes before the nurse came to see what was happening, I tough to myself this is taking forever while we were waiting.  When the nurse came I did not say anything, being Canadian most of us are polite.  The nurse closed the privacy curtain to change my mom.  So I waited patiently, I was hearing the call signal from the hall and decided to investigate.  I went from one end of the ward to the other and a lot of the call light for the rooms where on, in fact they were all on, busy night.  Another nurse came in and mentioned to the nurse that was taking care of mom that he was needed in another room, to which he replied he was all alone in the ward.  I don’t envy his job.  If you are at the hospital and it takes a little while before they get to you don’t bitch and moan at the nurse or attendant, it is not their fault the government has made cutbacks.  Tell it to your representative be it provincial or federal, they are the ones that can do something about it.

Back to the subject at hand, my mom.  She had a colon then a semi colon, if this continues all she’ll have left is a comma!