The Hiatus Is Over

The hiatus is now over.  I have taken a break from this and my other blog.  Starting this week everything will be back to normal, a posting a week on this blog and at least four a month on Adventures In Computing.  Why did I not post these last few week?  I did not feel like it and I had nothing to write about, life is boring, I’m just kidding I had more ideas than usual to write about but did not take the time to write the silly taught that crossed my mind.  Thank God for you, too bad for me because it feels good writing this.

We are already in September, time flies doesn’t it?  September means new television shows and in the next few weeks I’ll probably write my first taught, maybe my second taughts also, on all the new shows.  I hope that there is a lot of good shows starting up because you all know that there is a lot of crap on television.

This summer CBS had Flashpoint (Crap), Swingtown (Somewhat entertaining) and Big Brother (my guilty pleasure) on TV.  Showtime has Weeds (I Like).  AMC has the second season of Mad Men (I am amazed with this show).  FX have started the seventh season of The Shield (I like this show but have not watched the season premiere yet) and last night Sons of Anarchy (will watch this week end).

Last evening I listened on XM satellite radios the premiere of Metallica’s Death Magnetic and I think that I will like this one.  I have to listen to the songs a few times before I make up my mind.  I will wait for the official release even though you can download it from P2P sites.  I don’t want to offend Lars because he can be a pain in the ass sometimes and he might sue me.

That it for now.