Cell Phone Only For Emergency

What to write about?  That is the question and the answer to why I did not post anything last week.  It is harder posting in the summer, so much stuff to do, place to go and people to meet.

Last week I finally took the plunge, for years I have been anti cell phones.  Why would any reasonable person want to bring a device that makes it easy for anybody with a problem to reach you and when they do reach you their problem is now your problem.  When I go for a walk I enjoy the fact that I am in my on little bubble and there is no distraction, except for the iPod and speeding cars, and there are also mad barking dogs that would eat you alive if their chain would let go… I hope that chain never lets go.

According to research cell phones causes brain tumors and cancer.  I think that there is also research out there that says that barbecued steak causes cancer also.  Apples contains a chemical that prevents cancer but the pesticides used to protect the apples from insects causes cancer.  I did a bit of Internet surfing and I can probably find that cancer is caused by everything therefore the chance that I will get cancer from a cell is very low I am more apt to get kills by a vicious dog attack, I hope to God that the chain does not let go.

Cell phones can cause explosions at gas stations.  Cell phone causes medical equipment to malfunction.  Cells will cause planes to crash.  There are so many reasons not to get a cellular phone but I still got one.  I got it just for emergencies.  I won’t be using it for meaningless reasons.  I will only use it for important stuff like checking the weather, ordering pizza and the like.

Now if the chain holding the dog does let go I am a simple call away from calling an ambulance, maybe I should have bought a gun instead of a cell phone that way I don’t have to call an ambulance since I would prevent the incident instead of curing it.