Vacation Is Over And Big Brother Is A Hoot

My vacations for this year are now over.  I have gone to work the last two days and I need another vacation.  My body has to get used to waking up at 5:30 – 6:00 every morning and this year it is harder than it has ever been.  I am tired so I need a vacation.  Enough of my sob story, for now.

Have you been watching Big Brother (US) this year?  Big brother is one of my guilty pleasures and this year it is good.  I hate everybody in the house, I shouldn’t say that, I am not taking for anybody in the house I don’t care for any of the back stabbing cry babies.  I just watch it to see who lies to whom and who gets caught.  It’s a hoot.  This game show shows us that some people are so greedy that they’ll do anything for cash.  You can’t respect any of these people.