My Mothers Colon Problem

Thursday evening my mother called complaining of a stomach ache.  She asked me what side her appendix was, I asked which side did she have a pain.  Right side.  I told her to go to the  emergency ward at the hospital, she said that she would try to tough it out.

The following morning my brother called me and told me my mother was to be transferred from a small town hospital to the big regional hospital.  They thought it was her appendix.  My brother brought her to the hospital on thursday because she could not get rid of the pain.

When I got to the hospital my mother had already spoken with the surgeon and they would be operating her that very same day.  The surgeon was not sure it was the appendix, she had told my mother that it might be an infection or maybe even cancer.  We found this news out on the anniversary of my father’s passing.  I was starting my vacation on saturday.

They did the surgery friday evening and it wasn’t cancer or the appendix, it was part of her colon was “dead” as the Surgeon told us.  They removed the “dead” part of the colon tuck the colon back in and now my mom is almost like new.  She now has a semi colon!

My vacation now entails frequent visits to the hospital, I guess that is life.   Next week My brother and I are supposed to go sailing.  I hope the weather is agreeable.