Computer Catches A Cold

At work yesterday one of the computers was infected by a virus and being the computer genius nerd that I am I had to fix it.  I scan the computer and deleted every instance of a virus, trojan and worms I could find using Avast anti virus.  I restarted the computer and started to scan it again, still full of virus’.  I the did a boot up scan same virus’.  I now hate Avast.

The simplest fix I could find for not getting warnings because the computer is attacked by a virus is to uninstall the anti-virus and then and only then you won’t have any warnings!  I did exactly that, and for about five minutes I had no warnings.  I then installed the trial version of nod42 anti-virus and started a scan.  When I left work it had found two virus that I had supposedly deleted using avast.  The scan was not completed so this morning the first thing I do is see if it found more and if nod32 actually deleted the virus’.  I’ll let you know what happened later on.