House Cleaning and RIP George Carlin

I have been delinquent when it come to keeping my side panel up to date on this blog.  So today I have updated it.  It has taken a bit of time but it needed it.  I will keep it up from now on.  I might even expand it with movies I have recently seen or even television shows, I’ll see how it goes.

As everyone must no by now George Carlin has passed away and he was one of my favorite comedians of all time because of the way he used words.  He was a wordsmith if there ever was one.  I have mentioned a few posts back that I got XM satellite radio, and for the past two weeks I am glad because I got to hear some of Carlin’s gems all over again.

I’ll end this post with a few George Carlin’s bits:

There are a few expressions I believe we take for granted.  Legally drunk. Well, if it’s legal, what’s the problem? “Leave me alone, officer, I’m legally drunk!”

The greatest thing since sliced bread. So this is it? A couple thousand years…sliced bread? What about the Pyramids? The Panama Canal? The Great Wall of China? Even a lava lamp, to me, is greater than sliced bread. What’s so great about sliced bread? You got a knife, you got a load of bread. Slice the fuckin’ thing!! And get on with your life.

In your own words. Do you have your own words? Personally, I’m using the ones that everyone else has been using. Next time they tell you to say something in your own words, say, “Nigflot blorny quando floon.”

p.s. I owe all of you two posts now since I did not publish one last week.  I try to catch up this week.