Nobody Will Read This, I Don’t Mind

In the summer time I’ve noticed that the readership of my blogs practically disappears.  I guess you all have better things to do than read a blog with no name.  This frees me to write even more about nothing and I don’t even have to be entertaining since nobody of importance will read this, not that you are not important.  Every reader is important to a blog since a blog with no readers is not really a blog, it is notes to oneself.

This was supposed to be humouristic post but I guess I failed.  It is humourless,  without humour.  Well maybe not.  Maybe I have been laughing the whole I have been writing this.  I have, you know.  I have a warped sense of humour, for example I think that the funniest movie of 2007 was No Country For Old Men, it is hilarious, the book is a hoot too. For those of you that did not like this movie watch it again and don’t take it seriously watch it as a comedy and you’ll see what I mean.