Doggy Do or Doggy Don’t? That Is The Question

I have previously mentioned that my mother had given away my dog. A few days ago there was this elderly lady that came to the store which I work at and she had a black miniature poodle. I almost kidnapped poodlenapped it. It would have been so easy because she was over 80 years old. It would have been just like taking candy from a baby. As easy as taking poodle from a Granny would be more precise.

Having told this to a co-worker, I have found out that this type of behavior is strongly frowned upon and I would possibly lose my job if I acted on my urge to have a dog.  Decisions, decisions, decisions, dog or job, a tough choice, I would rather have a dog than a job but I have to have a job to take care of the dog.  A catch 22 if there ever was one.  So I decided to keep my job over having a dog, for now.  If another elderly person with a dog comes near me and I am not at work, I don’t know if I can restrain myself.  I think I have a problem.