How To Get Free Cookies And Juice

Hey, have I have a deal for you.  Do you want to get a juice box and a cookie and not pay a penny for it?  Well it is quite easy go and donate blood.  Becookiefore you leave get the juice of your choice and you also get a cookie or even a granola bar.  You get nutrition while you save someones life.  If you are afraid of needles don’t look and it is virtually painless.

You guessed it I gave blood this week.  I would appriciate it if you do too.  We all have it to give and all it costs us is a little time and half a second of discomfort, if even that.  I know, I know, I have been pestering you all to give but it is very important their are people in need of you and only you can help them out, so please give.

Enough of this begging.  Go give blood now!

I went to the donor clinic three times this week.  I was off on Tuesday, so I decided to go and donate in the afternoon.  I had an appointment for Wednesday at 6:05PM but I had something else plan for that evening.  On Tuesday I got to the clinic at 3:55 and they close at 4:00 for supper so I was asked to try to come later.  Being a temperamental person I was pissed off and was thinking off not going.  Last year after my fathers death I made a promise to donate blood to the Canadian Blood Services since my father received a lot blood transfusion.  I went back to the blood clinic at 6:39 that evening and it was so full that I left since by my calculation I would wait at least an hour before It was my turn.  I did go back the following afternoon and it only took an hour in all including the drive from and back to work.  I am very glad that I did it.