Procrastination Pays Off

I fell shame, as I should. When I started this blog, I promised you that I would write something every week. Last summer I skipped a few week because of my father’s failing health and untimely death. I have no reason for skipping last week post other than procrastination and the fact that I did not know what to write about.

Procrastination, one of my many faults, has paid off yet another time.  As I have said before I have XM radio in my new car, my three months free trial was to be over on the 31st of may and I decided to let it go and wait for a better deal than the free month if I purchase one full year.  XM called me three days before I was to be disconnected and I have saved a great amount.  Now I can listen to crystal clear music in my car for another year.

Since I have not written a post last week, I owe you one.  So I’ll try to write an extra post for you this month.  I forgot to mention that My iPod is slowly but surely getting filled up with music, I have over 6500 songs in it right now and I still have a lot more to import in it.