Say Goodbye To The iPod

ipodsYesterday I sold my iPod and ordered myself a 160GB iPod Classic.  I should be getting it by next weekend.  The only store that had some in stock wanted 50 dollars more than the going rate.  So I did the only sane thing I searched a few internet store and ordered it.  If the price difference would have only been 10 dollars maybe even $20 I probably would have gotten it locally but $50 is a bit too much of a difference. You can’t blame them they probably got them in stock before the price went down and they paid more for it, but you can’t blame me for wanting to save money.  I decided to upgrade to 160GB because I want to use it as a hard drive and a music player.

I did not erase the music on the old iPod before I sold it, does this mean that I could be considered a music Pirate?  I think think that in Canada I’m alright but if I was in the US I could be brought to court by the RIAA.  I think some laws are plain old stupid.  Maybe one day we will see people being arrested for singing a lot with the music they listen to on their iPod because they are broadcasting copyrighted material with paying a royalty fee!