Writing And Pooping: So Many Things In Common.

writeWriters block is just like constipation, the only thing that comes out is hot air but nothing with real substance. Too bad there isn’t a suppository that would help with the writing process. Try as I might, if my life depended on it, I can’t think of anything to write about. I will still try my hardest and maybe something will come out.

I have read someplace that the only thing to do with writers block is to write about something you know. Right now I know about writers block, and truth to be told, not about constipation.

Writing has many things in common with having a poop, for example; sometimes it comes out runny and people will say that it smells. You may try for hours on end and the only thing that comes out is not even worth mentioning. Sometimes something hits you and want to write/poop but there is not paper around, don’t you hate that? Some essays are like diarrhea: they are never ending and watered down.

Writers block is just like constipation, when you finally get relief, it feels good but what comes out is pure shit! I’ll end it here with this final though: once everything is done all that is left are markings on paper!

Note to self: don’t EVER do a Google image search for shit, disgusting!