Can I Have a Straw, Please?

I don’t eat fast food very often. A few days ago I went to Burger King. I got a double stacker meal deal. It gave me heartburn. I went through the drive thru and there was a car line up. People were placing their orders and they would then park to the right and wait for their meals be brought to them. My turn came and after I paid the manager gave me my drink and asked me to move up and park to the right and it should not be too long.BURGER

I parked the car, shut it off and listen to the radio until I got my meal. While I was waiting I wanted to take a drink of my pop but I did not get a straw. I realised then that the few times I went through the drive thru I received a drink but no straw. Have you ever tried getting the plastic lid off of the paper cups? It is fairly easy to do but the cups are filled to the rim and when you take off the lid you will spill some of its contents on yourself and if you are in an automobile you will spill some all over the car. I did not take a drink. I waited patiently for my meal.

I think that if they give you the drink they should also give you the straw. You’ll have something to drink while waiting for your meal. In a restaurant they serve you water before you get your meal. If you order an alcoholic breverage you get it before your meal. If you order a soda pop you also get it before your meal and they give you a straw if you want one or not. So why does the Burger King in my home town not do the same. Is it because I drive a nicer car than them? I don’t know. Maybe it is because we don’t tip them when we get our meal brought to the car. Maybe it is because they don’t care since we have already paid for our meal. Fast foods joints are the only “restaurant” where we pay before we get our meal, did you notice that? Well that is a whole other blog post.