Depressing Weekend

Last weekend I went to visit my mom. I got there saturday evening after work ate supper and everything went downhill from there. As I mentioned in two previous posts (here & here), there has been a record amount of snowfall this year. It is now spring and the snow and ice is melting and it all went into my mothers septic tank. It was overflowing. We had to do something. The sump pump was not working. We borrowed one from the next door neighborand my brother and I pumped out the extra water from the tank.

Sunday afternoon there was a charity bingo and spaghetti supper organised by my brother, so we went and nothing was won and the spaghetti wnot my dog anymoreould have been better with more salt and pepper. When we got back to my moms place we found out that my uncle Jean-Marie was in the hospital. The doctors say that he has cancer.

Monday my mother decided that she wants to get rid of the dog, my dog.  So my weekend pretty much sucked how was yours? Yesterday we got confirmation that my uncle does have cancer and my mother gave away the dog, my dog! What can I do? Life is a bitch. To top it off it was snowing today.