Networks Believe We Are Stupid

Whilst watching the Australian true crime television show, Underbelly, one scene made me realize that American police shows lack any realism. csiAll three CSI’s are shows about crime scene investigators, hence the acronym CSI, that contaminate the crime scene while they are investigating. They wear their street clothes when they are looking for clues at the crime scene. In Underbelly there are some “CSIers” at a murder scene and they are wearing head to toe coveralls and masks, shoe covers and gloves. You know that they will not contaminate that crime scene. The British and Canadians have also head to feet covered “CSIers” in some of their shows.

Another thing that is totally way off is that the scientists, in real life that is what a CSI is, interview the suspects and they make arrest. No need for cops, just CSIs. What next, will they also be judges? Whatever is needed so that the show is fast paced, and somewhat entertaining.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate CSI but I am sort off getting sick of turning off part of my brain so that I can waste an hour to watch these shows. I should maybe start being more selective with my entertainment choices.

I do think that I am more selective in what I watch, I had started watching New Amsterdam but after I watched four shows in which I figured out who did it in less than ten minutes, I decided to stop watching it because if I continued I would have to get a lobotomy to make it interesting. Is it me or if a show or a movie is complicated or there is no fairy tale ending can be more fulfilling? Maybe I should just shut up and watch Transformers or Spiderman 3.