If This Continues I’ll Turn Into A Snowman!

snowmanToday is the first day of spring, yet here in Northern New Brunswick we are getting more snow. Environment Canada is telling us that we should be getting a combination of snow and ice pellets and maybe freezing rain. We are getting 30 cm of the white stuff. If we do get it we will have received over 500 cm of snow this year, that is almost 16 feet 5 inches. That is a hell of a lot of snow. People with snowmobiles are dancing with joy while people with shovels are bitching and complaining. We can jump and complain all we want but there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it from snowing. Weather is uncontrollable, it is a fact of life. The only thing we can do is if we don’t like certain weather is moving to another area with a different climate but as we all know there is no perfect climate. There is always either snow, rain, heat waves, frigid cold, tornadoes, hurricanes, draught, floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tidal waves… UFO’s falling from the sky! We have to live with it. If it doesn’t kill us, it will make us stronger.

Enough of the ranting. Next week I will be on vacation and out of town, therefore chances are they will be no posts on this wonderful blog of mine. Too bad, eh? Such is life, it is like the weather: you can’t control it. Don’t worry I’ll be back the following week and hopefully I’ll have something interesting to write about. I certainly hope so.