The Faster I Drive, The Less I Hear

I am still very happy with my new car.  On thing I have noticed is that the car’s radio is designed to make you drive faster.  How is that?  You say.  Well an option on the car radio is that the volume can adjust itself depending how fast  I drive.  I guess it is designed this way to cancel out road noise by raising the volume.  Well if I am listening to rock music and the volume gets louder when I press on the gas, my brain automatically sends a signal to my right foot to apply more pressure to the accelerator pedal and I drive faster and the radio gets louder and I drive faster and the radio gets louder and I drive faster… You see where I am getting at, I’ll either get a speeding ticket or get into an accident or I might even go deft with the radio playing at an ungodly volume.

Since the last post in which I mentioned how much snow we received this year, we have received another 50cm of the white stuff.  The last few days it has been getting warmer and all the snow we have received this year is slowly melting and by my rough calculations all the snow should be gone by October, great just in time for more snow.  I wonder if they get snow in Afghanistan.  I’ll bet you they have gotten more snow in Quebec. ;-p