Big News and Laughing For Two Hours Straight Hurts

Two post ago I told you that I would have big news today, something new in my life.  I bought myself a new car.  I am actually leasing it, as I did my previous one.  My old car was a Chev Optra5, for you Americans it is the same car as a Suzuki Reno.  I now have a Chev Cobalt LS.  It is not much bigger than my Optra5 but I don’t mind, I like small cars.  I traded in the Optra5 5 months before my lease was up because the deal I got from the dealership I did not have to pay these 5 months. I also got $1000 for bringing it in.  My salesman told me this is because a lot of people had problems with the car.  I did not have any major problems with it.  What I did not like about the Optra5 was that for a small car it was damn hard on gas.  The Cobalt is supposed to be better on gas, hell it couldn’t be worst than what I had.

Cobalt LSWhen I told friends and family that I was getting this Cobalt LS, everybody knew someone that knew someone that was related to someone that knew the cousin of someone that owns a Cobalt and they have all the problems in the world.  Well there is so many of these cars on the roads around here and I have heard of 5 people that had problems with the car, I think the odds are in my favour.  If I bought myself a lemon well I guess I’ll have to make lemonade.  That’s positive thinking for you, isn’t it?  I like the car and that is all that counts, right?

Last week I gave the dealership a deposit of $400 so they can keep the car for me.  When I was done signing what seemed to be a thousand documents, I was done so I left the dealership and five minutes later I realized that I did not get my deposit back.  I turned around and went back and got it.  I then drove to my mothers where I emptied the stuff I had in the Optra5 to pick it up.  I left and drove for half an hour when I realized that I had forgotten a book I was reading.  I turned around and went back and got the book.  The rest of my drive was uneventful.  I think my subconscious wanted me to drive the car because it was enjoying it self.

One of the options I got in my car is XM satellite radio.  I did not really want this option but to get all the other I wanted and not wait to order a new car I got it.  My brother told me that after the three month trial was over I would not be able to live without it.  I thought to myself I have an iPod I don’t really need XM satellite radio.  After driving for 2 hours I am hooked.  I have been listening to the comedians and been laughing the whole time I was driving and after laughing that long my stomach hurts.  So maybe this is a reason for not keeping XM satellite.