Antz at 50 Miles an Hour

Friday evening when I was driving home Antzfrom work, I got to a red light and in front of me was a Chrysler minivan and I could see the rear seat DVD player. The movie playing was Antz. The light turned green and the van sped off and I had a hard time keeping up. I wanted to watch the movie so I kept pace with the minivan. To be able to see the movie I was following the van dangerously close. If the driver would have slammed his breaks there would have been an accident. I think the driver was annoyed by my tailgating because he was weaving from one lane to another but I was keeping pace. This is the first time in my life that I was wishing for all red lights. They were almost all green, damn.

I have to tell you that reading lips of a computer generated cartoon character is very hard and doing it while driving a car at 80 km/hr just a few centimeters from a minivan makes it very, very, very hard. A new law should be passed: if a DVD player is installed in any vehicles the screen has to be at least 42″ and the sound track should be transmitted on FM for a radius of 200 meters. This would make driving a hell of a lot less dangerous. No more tailgating because of movie watching. I am sure that most accidents where a car runs into another car in the rear are caused by too small a screen and a good movie.

I did not tell you the worst part of the story yet. I got off of work at nine o’clock, 2100 hours for the military reading this. and I only got home at eleven thirty, 2300 hours (again for the military), because I had to see the end of the movie and then I had to turn around and drive back home. It was worth it, I like almost all movies with Woody Allen, even the ones we just hear his voice. To bad they did not go through a drive thru I could have ate something and drank a pop. I am also glad that I had enough gas in the car.

p.s. I want more readers from Europe so that is why I used metric measurements, except for the title. For you Americans and older Canadians 80 km/hr = 50 mi/hr and 200 meters = 656 feet. For everybody else 42″ = 107 cm.