I Have Made a Decision About Bloging

What kind of idiot decides to write at least eight posts per month on two different blogs, and then commits it in writing in those same two blogs?  I am that idiot.  I admit it at the time that I decided to do all these posts I really thought it would be a piece of cake.  I am finding out that it is definitely not a piece of cake.  I have to try to entertain all of you for a few minutes a week and damn it is harder than it seems.

I have tried talking about music, about movies, about television.  I have given you a few recipes.  I have told you about surviving a “man” cold.  There were a few posts that I am sure made a few of you laugh.  I have even begged you to give blood.  I have spoke to you about the family members I have lost in the last seven months, there have been too many.  I have ranted and raved a few times.   I have written a few filler posts when I had nothing to write about.  A few times I have asked you readers to leave a comment, to almost no avail.  Thank you everyone that as left a comment, feed back is always welcome.

Now with all of that said, I have been thinking of cutting back to two posts a month per blog.  As I was writing this I have made my decision to what I was to do with my two blogs.  It is going to be business as usual, why should I change what I have been doing?  I have to smarten up and do what I have set out to do when I started all of this.  Now that I have re-affirmed my missions in blog postings, I have a secret to tell you all, this post started out as another filler post and it ended up being about talking myself into continuing writing.  I am glad that I did not know what to write about tonight because I am happy with what I have written.

Next week I will have a post either on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I have big news about something new in my life, so come on back and hopefully I’ll entertain you.