Breaking Bad Is Greatly Good

breaking badBreaking Bad on AMC is fascinating. I am enthralled by this new show from the cable network that brought us Mad Men. I have a hard time trying to categorize this show. The only thing I can really say about it is that it is dark, it has its funny, in a sick way, moments. It tackles a very serious subject, our “anti-hero” finds out that he has cancer and only has a short time to live. He is a chemistry teacher and works at a car wash to make ends meet. His son has cerebral palsy. He decides to make and sell cristal meth when, at his birthday party, he sees on the television money that was confiscated from a drug-bust that his brother in law has made during the day, his brother in law is a DEA agent. He decides to do this to generate cash for his family so that when he is gone they are financially secure. Everything goes downhill from there. It is the best show on television at the moment, don’t take my word for it watch it.

In other news Amy Winehouse has won an arm full of Grammies this weekend for he fine CD, Back to Black. I hope that she can straighten herself up so that she may have a long career. The WGA strike looks to be almost over so we will have new episodes of our favorite, and not so favorite, shows in the near future, April/May from every source I have read.

Tomorrow is that time again, I’ll be donating blood. I will ask you one more time to please donate. It is greatly appreciated by the people you’ll save. It will also be appreciated by the family of the people you save. It is very important that you give. What would happen if you need blood and if nobody donates and then you’re Screwed with a capitol S. Well I guess time is up for now.