Sad News and Birthday

Last Sunday would have been my fathers birthday.  We, the family, got together and went out for supper.  I am sure that Dad would have enjoyed the company but not the food, we had sushi.  He would have much preferred steak.

On Saturday February 2 my Aunt Helene passed away.  She had Lupus for over 15 years and it finally overcame her.  “Ma Tante” Helene was married to “Mon Oncle” Sylvain who had passed away in August a few weeks after Dad.  It has been a sad six months.  We still think of you.

If you recall a few weeks ago I promised myself to read at least half an hour a day.  I did not read for over a week because of the cold I had.  I did try but I could not concentrate enough to do it.  The last few days I decide to catch up to my daily quota and I am almost there.  As I am writing this I owe myself 2 hours of reading time.  I can’t do it tonight, I expect that I’ll be caught up by Saturday evening.  I haven’t read my half hour today yet.  I will and I’ll possibly read another 30 minutes.

That is it for this post, as you can see my heart is not really into it tonight sorry about that folks, I’ll have something better for you next time.