The Man Cold Worst Than The Plague?

If you read my last post you will see that I was under the weather.  I ended that post quite abruptly since I had a coughing fit and once I was done coughing I had a splitting headache and man coldcould not concentrate on writing.  Today I feel better but not at 100 percent, so I am going to attempt a new post.

The last few days I was afflicted with the most debilitating disease known to mankind:  The Man Cold!  You read that right, The Man Cold.  The Man Cold is not the puny cold that children and women get, it is deadlier if not treated immediately.  Only real men can get The Man Cold, I have read somewhere that the more testosterone a man has, the worst The Man Cold is.  Usual treatment involves pitying and serving hand and foot the afflicted man.  After a few days the symptoms start disappearing but the treatment should be continued unless we want those symptoms to come back and God knows we don’t want the symptoms to come back.  I my case, being single, the treatment was different.  After getting pity from coworkers and calling my mother, yeah that is right I called her to get pity.  I got home I had no help, again being single.  I had to trudge around and continue my life a bit groggier and slower than usual.   I have been lounging in my pyjamas under a warm blanket watching movies and television and eating chicken noodle soup, chicken rice soup, chicken vegetable soup… Damn I hate any form of chicken soup.  I need a real mans meal, steak anyone?  I believe that I am feeling better I have a craving for solid food and beer.

As you can see I am still alive and kicking, in the future when someone mentions to you that they have a Man Cold or they know someone with a Man Cold, I would like you to remember that you read this post and you can tell your friends and family, your coworkers and customers, in fact everybody that you meet that you have read about someone, me, that survived a Man Cold with, almost, no pity and forced to do all the menial tasks with no help what so ever, I AM LEGEND.

p.s.  some women may get Man Colds, I have read somewhere that Rosie McDonnell has had a few Man Colds and apperently a severe case of Man Cold is the reason that Anne Heche left Ellen  DeGeneres.

The above post is a parody, nothing in it should be taken seriously except for the fact that I survived a Man Cold and that I AM LEGEND.  No lesbians have actually been proven to have ever had a Man Cold.  No lesbians have been hurt during the writing of this post.