Terminator Is A Keeper and New Reality Show for You

t4On Sunday and then on Monday we got to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox. I was very skeptical about this show. I am very happy to say that I enjoyed the action in the first show and in the second we got drama which I liked also. I hope they keep this up so that I have something to watch on the boob tube. We have slim pickings for quality television entertainment at the moment. We will have a slew of “reality” TV shows showing up in the next few weeks and even months to fill up the airways since the writers are still on strike and there is no end in sight.

This give me an idea for a new “reality” show: we get to follow around, let’s say 10, writers and and the end of the show they vote who they like the most and he/she does not have to picket for a day. We could get guess stars to cross the picket line and when they do they can say that they support the writers. Wouldn’t that make for great television? This would accomplish two things: the networks get new programing and the 10 writers can get paid residuals from DVDs and downloads. Wow, I amaze myself sometimes with what goes one in my mind. I have to say that my concept would be more entertaining than, let say Cavemen! You can’t deny that. Watching paint dry is by far more entertaining than Cavemen.

If there is any network executives reading this blog my show is for sale and the highest bidder will get it. You have to hurry up because the strike won’t last forever. We have to shoot a complete season before you sign a deal with them or else we won’t have an ending for the show.

Well I guess that is it for this one.

p.s. How about this for the name of the show “Write to Strike”?