Adding Music to my Top Ten of 2007

After writing my top ten albums of the year last Friday I did a search on google for other top ten CD and decided to listen to a few of their favorites.  There are two CDs that I think should have made my top ten but didn’t since I only got to listen to them at the end of the year.  Of Montreal’s Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer and Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank could have been in the top if I would have heard these before my list was compiled.

I will try to listen to a few more CD that are considered top ten like Bruce Springsteen’s Magic and Panda Bear’s Person Pitch to name only two.  I am calling to you again to post in the comment section of this blog your favorite albums of the year I would really like to know.

I bought myself a wonderful Christmas gift this year and last Sunday and today I really got to enjoy it.  I got myself a 42″ LCD HDTV.  I watch a few movies I had wanted to see (Death Proof and Planet Terror originally releases as Grindhouse) and started watching Hustle, the British show from the BBC.  I must say that I am a Tarantino fan and was not disappointed with Death Proof and I really enjoyed the first season of Hustle.

Well I guess I will bring this post to a close by wishing all of you a happy new year.