Happy Birthday to Me

This one will be short, be warned. Yesterday was my birthday. I did not get an iPod Touch. spaceI bought myself a pen, scratch that a very nice pen. I wanted an iPod Touch. I guess I’ll live. I’m just kidding, I did not really want an iPod. I’ll wait until my present iPod goes on the fritz before I entertain the idea of getting an iPod touch and hopefully by that time the flash drive in it will be larger.

I have just read that Bionic Woman is to be cancelled. It never really caught on. Another NBC show cancelled was Journeyman, I watched every episodes and I won’t miss it when it is off the air. I intend to watch Tin Man the sci-fi remake of The Wizard of Oz that aired on The Sci-Fi network last week, apparently it is good, we’ll see.

As I said at the beginning this one is short and I am a man of my word. The end.