Conspiracy: Truth or Fiction

Today at work we had a television set on the Discovery channel. It was a show on a conspiracy theory. The theory was that Robert Kennedy was killed by the CIA. Apparently Sirhan Sirhan was brain washed by the CIA into killing Bobby Kennedy.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there and one could say that some are at least plausible. We all know about the one that JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. We also know about the one that on July 7th 1947 a UFO crashed near Roswell and was later covered up by the army. Jesus was married to Mary Magdalena and they had children is another theory but most of us do not believe in this one.

The problem I have with these theories is we tend to believe the one we want to believe in and deny the others, but if we believe in one theory we must believe in them all. Why? Well because they all have lots of “evidence” pointing that the official story is wrong and someone is trying to hide what really happened. How can we decide which of the “indisputable evidence” are correct and which are wrong. There is no middle ground. It’s all or nothing.

Here is my conspiracy theory: Aliens have crashed on earthmars in 1947, JFK was not shot by Lee Harvey Oswald but by the Mafia for the CIA which has been controlled by the aliens since 1947. Bobby Kennedy was also killed by the CIA, again the aliens. We did not land on the moon because there is a face carved on it by the aliens. There is a huge face carved on the face of mars just like the one we did not get to see on the moon because we did not land there because the aliens would not allow us to. The American Government knew of the impending attack on the World Trade Center because reporters were going to find all the records of alien involvement in the New World Order and that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalena which gave birth to a slew of super intelligent human that have been in contact with the aliens for two millennia.

How about that for a conspiracy theory? It is the ultimate unified conspiracy theory. It must be the truth since there is so much evidence backing it up. That is it for now. The truth is out there. I want to believe.

p.s. I forgot to mention that the pyramids were built by the aliens. Big foot is an alien, yeah that’s right they are not little green creatures but big brown and hairy. Alf from the television show by the same name was not a puppet but a child alien. Noah’s ark was really a space craft built by aliens. Easter Island, you know it, aliens again. And finally aliens are not really aliens, they used to be from Atlantis, they left earth and they are now comming back and they want us to return to Mars where we come from, yeah that’s right we are the aliens and the aliens are really the eartlings.

p.p.s. The X-Files are all based on facts, so was Stargate the movie not the television show. Vista is the best computer Operating System there is and ever will be.