Christmas Gift Giving

Can you believe it, December is already here. Time flies by when your having fun. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Well I was done last week. All I have to do is wrapped them up. Some of you will say that Christmas is over commercialised and it is not what it should be, the celebration of the birth of Christ. I think that Christmas is not about getting gifts, it is about giving. That’s deep isn’t it? It is what I think though. It’s not how much you spent to buy someones love but about giving from your heart. So all of you out there that will be spending more than you can afford and max out your credit cards, I won’t try to stop you but is all that spending going to make you feel good? Will it make them love you more? If it does, they don’t love you, they love what your money can buy them. I’ve seen some people trying to out do each other in who will spend the most on Christmas gift. If you enjoy that then by all means shop to your hearts content and if you have extra cash you can send it to me I promise that the more money you give me the more I’ll love you.

Last Wednesday I gave one of the most important gift I can give. I gave blood. I know, I know, I keep harping about giving blood on this blog but I’ll keep on asking you to give until everybody that can give will give. It only take a few minutes and you’ll be helping someone in need. In this case I’ll say that the more you give the better it is. Please start giving and keep on giving every 3 months or so and that would be the best Christmas gift you can give.

In less than nine days it will be my birthday, so I’ll say it again giving gifts are more important than getting so you can send me all the gifts you want and if you don’t know what to get me I’ll take cash, I have to pay for all the Christmas gifts I have bought. I would also like to get an iPod Touch, not the cheap 8GB one but the good 16GB one. I am not asking for the iPod for Christmas, because like I said Christmas is about giving. I am asking for the iPod for my birthday since I’ll be getting older and we all know that getting expensive gifts reduces the effects of old age.

Well that is it for this the first post of December.

p.s. I forgot to mention Hanukkah, which this year starts at sundown on December 4th this year. I am not sure of the correct etiquette but do I wish you a happy Hanukkah, or is it a merry Hanukkah, or is it a joyous Hanukkah? So that I cover all my bases I wish you a happy, merry and joyous Hanukkah.