Phosphate Not Grease

I have been sidetracked from blogging the last few weeks, I have to get back on track. What have I been doing with myself that I haven’t been writing? Most of my free time, what little I have, have been invested in my iPod. You can read here what happen to the pod.

Yesterday my mother called me and said that she was still having problems with the septic tank, damn, damn, damn, and I’ll repeat: damn! I went and opened up the septic tank and pumped out excess “water”. You know from my last post that I mentioned that what was clogging the pipe was grease. Well it was apparently not grease, it was phosphate from laundry soap. The substance was too hard for it to be grease. It was hard as cement. The gentlemen that installed the septic tank says that the weeping bed is probably clogged with this phosphate cement and the tank is not draining at all. I agree with him. So today I spent it finding a way to drain the tank. I am almost finished I have to figure a way to insulate for the winter.

On Sunday I installed a parabolic antenna for my mother. I enjoyed doing this. For all of you out there choose this route over cable you will get a better picture and more choices. I guess I’ll call it a day I am pooped from working in poop most of the day.