Is Bionic Woman An Alias

I just figure out that Bionic Woman is not a remake of the cult 70’s show The Bionic Woman, it is a remake of Alias. The only thing really different is that Jamie Summers has robotic parts that make her superhuman, other than that the show is almost the same as Alias. Cute looking lead actresses with unbelievable fighting abilities and we don’t really know who the bad guys are.

Another small difference between both shows is that Sidney’s family life involved her father with cameos of her mother. Jamie has a younger sister and I am sure that if the show doesn’t get cancelled we’ll have cameos of their father. I will wager that he is a bad guy, yes you read it here first and I hope that remember that I can predict the future.

Well I guess that is it for now, I have to go out and beat up a mime.

p.s.  I don’t really advocate beating up mimes, I only used that line for comedic reasons.  Remember If you see a mime don’t beat him/her up just ignore them and they’ll go away, You hope.