The End of Season, The End of Television?

Two of the best television shows I’ve seen this year had their season finale in the past eight days, Mad men and Damages. Mad Men, AMC’s flagship, had its finale last Thursday. It ended with with hope and abandonment. There is hope for the Drapper family and Peggy Olsen turns her back on her new born baby.

Damages’ season ended last Tuesday, and what an ending it was. We got a lot of answers to questions we had and we got a lot more questions to answered in the second season. I can’t wait to see next season for new answers and probably questions too, we’ll see.

Two more shows will be ending this coming week, Californication and Weeds. I have to say that the shows that premiered this summer are a lot better than most of the shite that premiered in the fall. Cavemen should be what they really are: dead a long time ago and fossilized. Carpoolers should be in car accident. Viva Laughlin supposedly got what it deserved (I didn’t watch it): what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

With these examples we can see why viewers are dropping the major networks for the cable networks.  The major networks are trying to please everyone and they are failing,  while the cable networks are trying to please certain viewers and that seems to work.

Well that is it for now.