Viva Laughlin Cancelled

They cancelled Viva Laughlin before I could actually watch it. I guess it is considered the worst pilot ever made. Was it worst than Cavemen? I don’t know because I won’t watch it, what would be the point?

I must say that I haven’t written about 30 Rock yet. So here it goes, damn 30 Rock is good. Is that a short enough review for? Straight to the point isn’t it? Watch it you’ll laugh, if you don’t laugh you are clinically dead.

Tonight is the last episode of Damages, I can’t wait to see what happens in the end but I am sadden that I have to wait until next year for more shows. Here in Canada, Pushing Daisies is on Tuesdays and I really like this whimsical show, I strongly recommend it.

I am still watching Journeymen and Life. Life still has potential but Journeyman is going downhill, I might have to can it soon.

Well I guess that is it for now.