Gusty Gibbon’s First Steps

Kubuntu 7.10, code name Gutsy Gibbon, is now installed on my oldest computer, code name precious. I bought the computer after seeing Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Rings when it was at the theatres. I have to say that the installation was slow this time around since I believe that a lot of people could not wait to install it and the repositories are swamped by us impatient nerds.

I popped in the installation CD chose to manually partition my hard drives. I did this because I used to have windows on this computer and I decided to ditch it. I’m ashamed to say that I will install it on my other desktop computer to try out Bioshock and a few other games.

The installation was going fine until it got to 82% a was taking a lot of time “scanning the mirror”. After waiting fifteen minutes I stopped timing and went to watch some television. I watched The Office after I checked to see if the installation was done. It was. I did a reboot. When the computer came back on, my log in screen was slightly different from Feisty (Kubuntu 7.04). I now can choose which user to log in with. There is not much choice since I’ll be the only person to use this computer.

I notice that when I am logged in my screen resolution was correctly detected. I also have a notice that there are some restricted drivers available. All I have to do is click on the Restricted Icon to see which one. The nvidia driver is the only one available for this computer. I choose to install it. It takes 15 minutes to download and install (again because all us nerds want gutsy now).

I then decide to install gstreamer plug ins so that I can watch video on the computer. This again takes time, It is fine wanting to update as soon as possible, but next time I’ll wait a few days before doing the install.

This is where I end tonight because it is getting late. I’ll continue tomorrow and keep you updated.