Worst Than Pulling Teeth

What is one of the worst things in life, other than watching Cavemen on ABC? Going to the dentist.  That is what I did this morning.  They X-rayed me, they did a clean up of my teeth and a check up.  I have to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled.  It is way in the back and my dentist cannot do it so he is referring me to a specialist.  You know what that mean eh? Specialist = Big Bucks.

What is the worst part of going to the dentist?dentist  Is it the needle?  Not for me.  Is it the drill?  Not if I’m well frozen.  Is it scraping of the plaque?  A close second. The worst for me is the conversation the dentist trying to have with e while he is working on my teeth. It would not be half bad if he would only ask yes or no questions, but he asked me questions like what did you do over the long weekend? My answer was something like “agaaagggeeeaaaogooaaageaag.” Did you get that, apparently my dentist understood that I said we made a big fire and put away the lawn furniture at my mothers place.

He then asked where? “abaaaagooochrriiiiivier.”

“Nice place that” he replied. I was thinking to myself how the hell did he understand that?

He then asked me “is it near the golf course?”

“Oocdeeoogersiiidooogdegiiigeeer aaaaaabbbbbeeeiiiiiveeegoooots”

“Only five minutes, that’s great.” he says. Do dentists get training in understanding people mumbling? They must because every time I go we have long conversation where I don’t even understand what I say but he does.

I can’t wait until he asks me to explain to him Einsteins theory of relativity. I already know what I’ll say “Zegadofeeedubuntu…..”

Remember to brush your teeth three time a day and floss after every meal.