Second Viewing Television Reviews

I will watch the second episodes of the new shows before making a final decision of either watching them or ditching them. As previously mentioned Chuck from NBC is a keeper.

Reaper is an enjoyable show on the CW. Sam’s parents sold his soul to the devil and on his 21st birthday the devil comes to collect. Now Sam has to find and send back hell’s escapees. I like it. It’s not for the rocket scientists out there but it will keep you entertained for an hour.

Next up Cane, Tuesdays on CBS, stars Jimmy Smits. The story of a Cuban American family that make rum. It is quite a good show but not for me , it is to soapy for me. Watch it if you enjoy soap opera, if you don’t, stay away.

Dirty Sexy Money is amazing.dsm A show that I knew after just one viewing I’d be watching this season. It has that tongue and cheek view of soap operas that I like. Watch it you’ll enjoy. I watched the first two episodes and I liked both episodes.

I’ve watched three episodes of Back to You back to back, as sitcoms go I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worst. Kelsey Grammer was great as Fraser both in Cheers and Fraser. He was good as Side Show Bob in The Simpsons. In Back To You he is alright so is the rest of the cast.

Bionic Woman is better the second time around. It is sort of like Alias but it is not the same. It is now on my to watch list. What can I say, she runs fast, she can see for miles, no earing aids for her, she has a kung foo grip and she’s good looking to boot.

Life, as I said before has potential but with this episode the did not reach it. I’ll have to watch it another time before I decide to either can it or not. I want to keep watching this show along with Journeyman but if they don’t smarten up I will jump ship faster than you can say unconstitutionally.

Other news, today I started reading Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Identity I’ve already read it several years ago and from what I recall I did not like it but after seeing Bourne Ultimatum I decided to read it again and maybe I was wrong the first time around. I hope I enjoy it. Two more days before I can download Radiohead’s In Rainbows I can’t wait. I am sure I’ll enjoy this album and I hope it is in a format I can put in my iPod.