Need Some Rest From Television Reviews After Watching Cavemen

There won’t be any new reviews on premiering shows today. I was so put off by Cavemen that I have taken a break from watching television for a little while. I think that I’ll watch a bit over the long weekend (Thanksgiving here in Canada). I’ll continue the reviews next week.

If you remember a few weeks back I mentioned that I had lost everything on my iPod, well I can now say that I have more on the ‘Pod than before. So one more project finished.

OK I’ll come clean, I lied at the beginning of this post I watched two television shows: The Unit and Damages. If you have read my previous entries, you know that I think that The Unit is not a great show, I believe that I even called it bad. Well let me tell you that this weeks show did not seem to be as bad, since I am still having flashbacks of Cavemen. Damages, what can I say about Damages? I still think that right now it is the best show on television. The ending of this week show was amazing, all I can say is watch it now, dammit!

As you can see I have lost some ground in my television watching it is Saturday morning and I’m only up to Tuesday in my televiewing. I’ll try to catch up this weekend so that when I see new shows the reviews will be fairly close to the original broadcast.

Time is up I have to get ready for work.

p.s. I haven’t changed my Now Listening link for the last two posts since I was not listening to music when I was writing.