ABC Television Reviews

In this installment of my short reviews of premiering television show we will talk about three ABC shows. Without any further need of an introduction here we

First off Carpoolers is unfunny and I am really disappointed since Bruce McCullough is the producer. Bruce McCullough used to be in The Kids In The Hall and that was the best Canadian show ever. Oh how the mighty has fallen.

Cavemen, the ABC executive that OKed this show should be brought out back behind the barn and shot. The one thing this show has going for it…. wait a minute it has nothing good going for it. I think that Gieco might lose business because of this show. Cavemen is simply the worst show on television. Can you tell that I don’t like Cavemen.

I like Pushing Daisies on ABC and I’m sure that the executive that gave the go ahead to this show is not the same as the one that OKed the dreadful Cavemen. If it was the same exec that approved both,  it would go to show that drugs will alter you mind and sense of judgment.

With these three we now know what ABC stands for Awful (Cavemen), Boring (Carpoolers), Cool (Pushing Daisies). I know which of the three I be watching again. Hopefully Cavemen will be canceled soon.

That is it for now. I’ll be back.

p.s. ABC could also stand for Abysmally Bad Cavemen

p.p.s. Please God Cancel Cavemen now.